Market insight Market insight
Market insight
Through the analysis of market trend data, we can understand the industry market environment and consumer preferences, insight into the market and consumer demand, provide forward-looking guidance and efficient market decision-making direction for product development, and create product market competitive advantage.
Formula development Formula development
Formula development
Xiangguo has 50 professional full-time R&D teams, a multi-formulation R&D team, advanced scientific research equipment. And established cooperation with famous authoritative scientific research institutions and university. Keeping up with market development trends and technological development directions, and in-depth insights into the market and consumer needs. With strong production transformation ability from concept to product, to provide advanced product solutions to customers.
Package Design Package Design
Package Design
We have multiple automated production lines, providing production capacity of dozens of product formulations such as jelly/drinkable jelly, solid drinks, plant drinks, pressed candies, egg rolls, biscuits etc. According to different market positioning and product requirements, to provide customers with a variety of diversified and personalized packaging solutions such as bottled, bagged, and aluminum foil.
Production management Production management
Production management
The whole process of quality control is implemented from raw materials to finished products. Xiangguo equipped with a 100,000-class dust-free clean workshop, adopting international advanced and efficient production equipment, strictly controlling the temperature and humidity in the process, and controlling food production with strict pharmaceutical production standards, GMP and HACCP certification. To achieve the ultimate in details to ensure quality and safety.
Cost control Cost control
Cost control
Gathering global high-quality resources, to sort out the upstream and downstream ends of product production and supply and form a strong supply chain system. Saving more product management costs of customers, and provide high-quality, cost-effective, and highly competitive products, bring more profits to customers.
service support service support
service support
Starting from customer value needs, for providing a full range of professional services and support to customers, we will establish a complete service system and exclusive service mechanism, set up a one-to-one professional service team. From market research, product customization, packaging design, production and after-sales, image and video promotion materials, and business model design, business college training and other marketing empowerment systems.
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