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A new healthy diet brand which know much more about the social

Mosolim is a sub-brand of Guangzhou Xiangguo, and committed to provide diet solution of “Burdenless, Tasty, Nutritious”to the people who care about health management in the modern society by 19 years healthy food R&D experience.

Mosolim has 3 product systems: Weight management, Beauty and Health care. Through "light food" as the entry point, the product has the characteristics of "low calorie, low sugar and low salt". In order to advocate consumers to establish the concept of "scientific weight management" through light food consumption, so as to gradually cultivate the lifestyle of "healthy diet".

As the social healthy diet brand of woman of generation Y(85-95), we are not only concern about the brand, but also concern about the social. Our target customers are young and middle-aged women, we combine food, instrument and genetic testing to establish a new business mode, and unite the slimming competition and games about healthy diet to make interaction. Setting 7 days diet plan and accompany customer all the way, to cultivate them to establish the concept of "scientific control calorie" and the habit of "healthy diet", at the same time, shorten their social relations and create a healthy living atmosphere.


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